The very beautiful actress and model Milla Jovovich

Regarding to Deadline, the occasional actress and model Milla Jovovich will be in charge of offering life to the bad guy in the reboot of Hellboy.

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The modern Hellboy movie, which will not feature either Guillermo del Toro or Ron Perlman, is slated to premiere in 2018 under it of Hellboy: Rise of the Bloodstream Queen, and it will be precisely this, the Blood Queen or Bloodstream Queen the the one that the actress Milla Jovovich will interpret.

This Queen of Blood is well know villain of the comics of Hellboy, a millennial witch, also called Nimue that is the the one which faces Hellboy on this occasion. But it will not be the 1st time we see Jovovich in a science fiction movie (although if as a villain), as we have seen in the fable of Resident Evil and films like The 6th element.

With Neil Marshall at the controls, Jovovich joins David Harbor, who plays his great adversary, and Ian McShane, who will be Professor Broom, in a film where the script writer is Aron Coleite, by making use of the publisher himself from the Hellboy comics, Mike Mignola.


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