Top Paid Female Volleyball Players in The World

Volley ball is not merely a team sport of six players on either side segregated by a six ft . tall net.

A history of the sport dates again to 1895 in Holyoke, Massachusetts (yes, an North american invented Volleyball). William Morgan, a Physical Education tutor wanted to create an all-inclusive sport that is not rough but at the same time requires athletic involvement.

That was the beginning of Volley ball, and over time it has evolved to become the Volleyball we know today.

If you believe volleyball is unpopular, look into the players, the passion, determination and athleticism involved during a game.

In comes the ”Libero” player or the unlimited substitute (Libero means free in Italian). The 11 player is like the team’s hero and is usually the best player in the team.

They need to wear a different set up color and can sign up for or leave live play when.

Let’s have a look at who has been raking in the highest paid players in the world of Volleyball in 2018.

Tatiana Kosheleva – Annual Salary – $1 Million:

Logan Maile Lei Tom – Annual Salary – $1 Million:

Morgan Beck – Annual Salary – $600,000:


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