The Sexiest Redheads in Hollywood

All of us feel that the beautiful redheads in Hollywood don’t get practically enough attention.

Everybody always discusses the blonde girls and the brunettes but this article is about the sexiest redheads Movie currently has to offer.

We attempted to keep with people who are currently employed in the entertainment industry and that we tried to find good recent photos but there was one exception we must refer to.

The picture we included of Angie Everhart was taken quite some time ago but there were to include it. This kind of was the style that really showed us how sexy redheads could be.

Something different to mention before we begin: not all of these girls are natural redheads. We feel that will end up evident fairly quickly.

All of us chose women who have either became famous as redheads even if their current hair color is something other than red (Geri Halliwell, for example, is very more blond now) or women who have rocked red hair especially well (Rihanna).

Finally, this list is within alphabetical order by first name. This is not ranked by looks, talent or recognition.

Given that we have that out of the way, let’s look into the sexiest redheads in Showmanship.

Amy Adams:

Sara Rue:



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